How to stop surviving and start truly living?

Unplug your "autopilot" and live each day consciously...

NEW: The Conscious Cards

  • How to change your thinking and learn to love yourself?
  • How to have deeper and "meaningful" conversations with your partner, family or friends?

The Conscious Cards will guide you to the depths of your inner self, where you may have never been before, and help you begin your transformation there.

Why The Conscious Day?

Where attention goes, energy flows, and it grows.

How do you deal with your daily feelings, desires, fears, anger and other inner experiences? Are you even aware of them, their real causes and their impact on your life?

How do you try to correct yourself and your life accordingly? If you ignore your inner self or leave its signals untreated, how can you experience joy in life in the long run?

  • The more conscious attention you give to yourself and your life, the more knowledge and transformation of you and your life can occur and the more you can create your life in harmony with your feelings and truly live.
  • On the contrary, the more you ignore yourself and operate on "autopilot", the more you just unconsciously react to life and survive.

Why should people enjoy their days consciously?

What can happen when you stop "just existing" and start truly living?

It's great, I feel the improvement in myself every day. Little by little, it helps me change the way I think about myself, and thus improves my overall mood and psyche. And the fact that the attitude of those around me is changing is an imaginary icing on the cake. It's surprising how a journal can make life more beautiful and easier! ❤️
Margaret H.
The Journal taught me step by step how I can consciously create my happiness in life and not be a victim of external circumstances. It helped me understand many things I hadn't thought about before and look deeper into my soul. Journaling helped me find a home within myself, and realize that I really can accomplish anything.
Monica C.
I have completed learning about a whole stage of my life, I feel great and despite my advanced age, I want to continue to develop myself. I know I can do it on my own, but I find this journal a very useful helper. I certainly came across the offer in the right moment. Thank you and I wish everyone a wonderful and successful start to the next time that is available for us ❤️🍀
Mary J.

Get The Conscious Journal

Transform yourself and learn to consciously create your life.

  • It's not "just another journal" for planning, keeping memories, or having lots of blank pages for your own creation.
  • It's your personal conscious guide to making truly lasting changes in yourself and your life.
  • It takes you step by step through self-discovery and self-transformation, teaching you how to consciously create a truly joyful life in practice.

As of November 2022,


are already consciously creating their lives

Who am I and what was my journey?

A man who decided to live and stop just "existing"

Hi, I'm Petr Vozák, a happy dad of two great boys and a husband to an amazing woman, and a few years back I realized that I'm not actually living, but surviving. I simply felt like I was operating on autopilot and living one day at a time.

  • I longed to live differently but my attempts to change things always ended the same way... a few days of enthusiasm, trying hard, and then back to the old ways.
  • The turning point came when I realized on a deeper level that I first had to change myself "on the inside" in order to have a different life "out there".
  • Through my other life experiences, this practical conscious guide was born, in which I packed the best of my journey of self-discovery and learning to live consciously, and which can lead you on the path of truly joyful living.
  • Like everyone, I still have a lot to learn, but I finally feel like I'm truly living. And you can too — you have everything you need within you, we all do...

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